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Dry Brine refills for Bait Revive Kit. Refresh your bait all summer with Rigged's Bait Revive Dry Brine. Utilize the Rigged Cut Bait 'Dry Brine' to revive and reuse your used cut bait strips! Just add 12oz of distilled, well, or lake water to the sealable container, mix in the dry brine, shake, and put in your used strips to re-brine your bait and reuse it on your next trip! Keep refrigerated once mixed. ***DOES NOT COME WITH CONTAINER***

1.Add 12 Oz distilled, well, or lake water in sealable container
2. Open Dry Brine and dump contents into the water, seal and shake well
3. Put in your used cut bait strips to be able to re-brine your baits. For best results, leave used bait in revive container for 24-72 hours

Rigged Bait Revive Dry Brine

SKU: 217537123517253
  • Bait revive brine is good for 1 week after mixing with water. Normal revive time is 24-72 hours to be fully re-brined. Keep refrigerated.
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