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What to bring:

Conditions in the summertime over water can be dangerous. Sunburn, dehydration, sea-sickness, and hunger are a handful of things we want to make sure do NOT happen! Please make sure your day stays enjoyable and bring:

Clothes for the entire day- It may be chilly over the lake in the morning, and scorching hot once the sun comes up. Please check the weather and dress accordingly. We recommend dressing in layers (e.g. gym shorts with sweatpants over top) to make the cool-to-hot transition quick and easy.

Sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen- These are important items for safety. Sunglasses and a hat will not only protect your eyes from the sun, but anything flying around the boat. Sunscreen should be applied BEFORE you get on the boat and make sure to wash your hands! The best fish repellant is sunscreen!

Beverages & Food- Please make sure to bring food and beverages with you. Unfortunately we do not cook 5 star meals at this time. Sandwiches, chips, WATER, and any other beverages you may enjoy are totally acceptable. Alcohol is fine, however it is our responsibility to keep you safe.

A Cooler- You need to bring your fish home in something! Please bring a cooler that is able to fit your fillets. A 60 quart cooler is a good size. ALL fish will be filleted and bagged. Our suggestion is to purchase ice on-site, though it is up to you if you would like to bring it with you. Check out Bald Eagle Marina for an early cup of coffee, food, or ice!

What NOT to bring:

Bananas (banana boat sunscreen is included in this request)- Fisherman’s bad luck. Click Here For The Myths!

A Hangover- The worst thing you can do is ruin your trip with a hangover. Trust us, we know that a hangover + waves = an unenjoyable day. Please keep the drinking to the day of the charter (responsibly) rather than the night before! It will make your day THAT much better, we promise!

A ‘Tude- We are here to have a fun day! Please come with a good attitude and be ready to work WITH us! We are a team out there- whether you will be setting lines, reeling in fish, or hanging out having a beverage of your choice, we will make sure that you are always involved and part of the team!

If you are traveling please check out these lodging options:

Four C's Marina

Captains Cove

Lake Breeze Marina

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